Geraldine Mc Crossan

Geraldine Mc Crossan

Hi, I’m Geraldine and I’ve been teaching at this school for 20 years. Originally from Dublin, where I graduated in Social Science and worked in a paramedical context for eight years, I eventually succumbed to a yearning for travel and… here I am, still in lovely Biella!

After several years of English teaching in various contexts, I returned to Dublin to take my C.E.L.T.A. (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) and, since then, as a proud member of our Cambridge School team, have been involved in various sectors of English teaching and Cambridge Exam preparation on all levels from A1 to C1. Moreover, I have gained experience in preparing students for the I.E.L.T.S. exams– as well as teaching Business English. Working with High School students to help them develop speaking skills is important and I’ve been involved for almost 20 years in this field, in the presence of their class teacher. This system was initially devised as an experiment in collaboration with our school but has weathered time by proving to be beneficial and enjoyable for all concerned.

Teaching English to adults, whether on a one-to-one basis or in small groups, is perhaps where I feel I have most to offer. I consider every student to be an individual, with individual needs. Many will have studied English in the distant past and wish to get reacquainted from zero. Others will have been obliged to interrupt their English learning paths due to unexpected life events and others still will simply wish to maintain or increase their knowledge level for travel or work purposes. I cater for all these needs by developing appropriate lesson plans and accompanying my students on the exciting journey towards reaching their goal. Remember, it’s NEVER too late! Recently, in order to continue supporting my students in a virtual classroom, I acquired a Certificate in Teaching English Online.

Finally, a few words about my everyday self! I’m an outgoing person who loves fun, laughter and kindness and who treasures friendship. Passionate about Human Rights, Animal Rights, our Earth, Burcina, reading (especially Dickens and Joyce), classic rock, hiking and panning for gold in the rivers of Italy and all over the world. I hold the honour of representing Italy as official delegate to the World Gold Panning Association and in competitions in many parts of the world.

Do come and say hello!